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Google Pay Services Launching in Pakistan

According to sources, Google is planning to launch Google Pay Services in Pakistan. The leading tech giant in the world wants to introduce Google Pay services in the country. The sources claim that this intent of Google has been communicated to Pak government officials in a meeting.

Even though we don’t know yet when Google Pay services will launch officially in the country, it can take months for the launch of the services in Pakistan.

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In another meeting the Google team had a meeting with the IT and Telecom Minister of Pakistan Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui. He told the minister that Google wants to launch a training programme in Pakistan that will impart digital skills to Pakistani people.

Issues related to usage of social media, e-commerce, digital expertise were discussed. The IT Minister said that the contribution Google will make in this regard would be of high value and he said that Pakistan government will fully support the initiatives that would be taken by Google for Pakistan’s development.

It is important that not just international tech companies invest in Pakistan but also the local companies gain momentum.

We live in an age where better, advanced technology is the need of the hour and it keeps changing so we need to be vigilant and play our respective roles in whatsoever capacity we can.