Google paid approximately $26 billion to be default search engine in 2021

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Google made significant financial payments to be the installed search engine on a wide range of items. specifically, Apple goods such as the iPhone. As part of Google’s current antitrust trial, this shocking fact has emerged for many in the past month. Google has faced intense questioning over its possibly monopolistic practices related to online search since the trial started in late September. It has now been revealed to the public that Google has spent well over a decade striking exclusive partnerships to keep away competitors in the search sector because of those inquiries.

These agreements brought Google significantly more money than it had to pay to maintain its position as the industry leader in search. However, this is seen by the Department of Justice as an illegal tactic. One that might end up costing Google more in the long run than money. Google did not pay Apple alone to choose the default search engine. However, it is the business to whom Google made the largest payment. And considering the widespread use of Apple, that makes sense. Not to mention Google’s intention to stop Apple from developing a search engine of its own. That was worth $18 billion to Google. However, the entire amount in 2021 is a lot more.

Google spent a total of $26 billion to set itself as the device’s default search engine

According to a recent study by Bloomberg’s Leah Nylen, Google paid $26 billion to businesses in total in 2021, even though Apple may have benefited the most from those payments. As was previously indicated, Google most certainly made that money back in the form of advertisements. After all, search is Google’s largest source of revenue, and having it set as the default on so many different devices is undoubtedly advantageous.

Nylen states that the precise sum is $26.3 billion. a sum that exceeds three times the amount Microsoft paid in the same year to acquire Zenimax Media. And all this just to have Google as your phone or tablet’s default search engine.

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