Google One VPN Reached Beyond the US Borders

Google One VPN now reached seven more countries.

Google One VPN

Google is expanding its VPN’s exposure to new regions. The VPN now reaches seven new countries, including Mexico, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Google’s VPN service is part of Google One subscription that it started in the US back in 2020. The service initially started with a free subscription and today it’s a $9.99 per month subscription plan.

The service is now available in eight countries (the US and the seven added just recently). The service is unavailable if users from these countries travel to unsupported regions.

The Google One VPN “won’t enable accessing content from a different country or region by assigning an IP address from that area.” Rather, it would “assign you an IP address based on your current country so that websites can show you the right content for your region.

This VPN service is still available only on Android devices. Others may have to wait for more to meet this VPN service.