Google News Resumes in Spain

It’s official! Google News is again available in Spain. You are now ready to start using the Google News service in Spain.

The wait has been long. But as planned, Google News has officially returned to Spain. The company itself has announced this through its news blog. Google’s news service returns to Spain on the day of its 20th anniversary and after eight years outside our country. His return has been possible, according to Google, thanks to an Updated Copyright Law which “allows Spanish media, large and small, to make their own decisions about how their content can be discovered and monetized.” through the web and its app for mobile platforms will take a while to reach the main application stores. Google News has returned to Spain after eight years without being available.

Google News arrives in Spain with a renewed website

The company itself had already told us at the end of last year of the return of its news service to Spain, but it has not been until now that the platform has once again become accessible to residents of Spanish territory. Google News is available in Spain through a renewed web page with an updated design, based on tabs that allow access to the different categories, and the main panel with sections of interest. For now, Google News in Spain is only accessible through the web.

The company ensures that Google News uses a wide range of news sources, from publications of any size, and verified by independent organizations with the aim of benefiting both readers and publishers. Also, Google plans to launch its initiative Google News Showcase in Spain. This initiative provides publishers with a series of licensed tools and rewards them financially, to produce quality content that will be displayed in the Google News and Google Discover panels.

The app for Android and iOS, available soon

Though Google News can now be used again in Spain, for now, the platform is only accessible through the web. However, the company has confirmed that, very soon, it will be possible to download a Google News app for iOS and Android in Spain. This app, despite being already present on Google Play still does not appear as available in Spain.