Google Nest WiFi Pro and Doorbell 2 unveiled before the Pixel event

Not wanting to prolong the afternoon Pixel event with too many product launches, Google is pre-announcing the new Nest WiFi Pro mesh router with Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and the improved wired Nest Doorbell 2.

Just in time for the Matter release, Google introduced new smart home products that are fully compatible with the universal home standard. Both Nest WiFi Pro and the 2nd generation Nest Doorbell share some of the colors of the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. These two devices can be pre-ordered starting today at prices of EUR 219.99 and EUR 279.99 respectively. Also interesting: What is Matter?

Google’s first router with WiFi 6E connectivity

The Nest WiFi Pro (2022) with WiFi 6E comes with a glossy look and a rounded tabletop design. Unfortunately, it lost the Google Assistant feature and support for previous meshes and nodes. What does that mean? It now works as a standalone mesh router without speakers and microphones.

However, users can connect it to the same model via an Ethernet cable to build a more reliable network. Another advantage of the Google Nest WiFi Pro is the WiFi 6E connectivity. This uses the 6 GHz frequency to enable a faster and more stable connection than the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies of older models. According to Google, a single Nest WiFi Pro can cover an area of ​​2200 square meters with an ideal speed of up to 4.2 Gbps.

Nest Doorbell 2 with cable

Google also introduced a wired video doorbell: the Nest Doorbell 2. The camera-equipped doorbell has a 3:4 aspect ratio to accommodate most vertical viewing situations on smartphones. The video resolution is still 960p, but the bell is equipped with updated software according to Google, which ensures improved image quality and better AI recognition.

The intelligent video doorbell comes with intelligent notifications and live video transmission with two-way audio. Nest Aware’s basic subscription costs $5 a month ($50 for an annual plan) and provides 30 days of access to event history. When you subscribe to Nest Aware Plus, you get 10 days of 24/7 video history and up to 60 days of event access. Here the price is 10 euros per month and is reduced to 100 euros with an annual subscription.

All new Google Home app for smartphones, smartwatches, and PC

Furthermore, the latest version of the Google Home app was also announced in advance. It comes with a revised interface that emphasizes the areas of spaces and automation in addition to better navigation and control. Google mentioned that users can customize the spaces or create their own automated scripts through the editor.

Both functions are planned for next year. Google Home will then not only be available for smartphones, but also for smartwatches with Wear OS 3.5. For now, this should only be support for the Google Pixel Watch, which will be officially launched this afternoon. Finally, the camera functions of the Google Home app should also be integrated into the Chrome browser of the PC in due course.

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