Google might shift the Pixel production to India to avoid excessive leaks

Pixel 7 and 7 pro

It is true that devices lose their charm and attraction if there are massive leaks before the official launch. This is something that has been happening to Pixel devices over the last few years. Given this situation, tech giant Google might be considering production in India. Currently, the production facility can be found in Vietnam.

Well, there is no official basis for this information. It has been shared by an X user. The user states that Google might relocate the manufacturing line from Vietnam to India. Until now, we have come across nearly all the details of the Pixel 8. Even there was a video that showed the unboxing of the Pixel 8 Pro. Do note that the official launch is just a few hours away now. Of course, Google hasn’t approved this leak.

What will happen next?

Companies can’t avoid leaks about upcoming devices. Before the official launch, users get access to the design, specifications, and other details of the device in the form of CAD renderings and actual images. But over the past few years, Google’s leak case has been so remarkable that it deserves its own whole documentary.

Last year, all the specs of the Pixel 7 series were revealed months before the official launch. Like the Pixel 8 series, the images of the Pixel 7 series were out on the internet. Similarly, the unboxing and startup of the device were out ahead of the launch event. The same has been observed with the Pixel 8 series. It followed a similar leak pattern as the Pixel 7 series.

It might be a common assumption that the company deliberately leaks the information in order to grab the attention. The recent unboxing video is a leak from the Singapore factory perhaps. For this reason, the tech giant might be considering a relocation. However, this information has no official roots.

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