Google messages will now let you pin up to five conversations

Google Message’s pin function is getting some upgrades, according to beta testers. The most recent beta update that is being rolled out to the app demonstrates this. Beta testers can now save up to five conversations, which is an upgrade above the current cap the software imposes on users.

Users will be able to use this pin functionality on both RCS and normal text messages that they receive. For a very long time, Google limited the number of chats consumers could identify to three. Since Google introduced RCS messaging, there has been a three-conversation limit.

It’s impressive to see this function upgraded so that users can pin a few more discussions. But how precisely will customers gain from this new version, which is exclusively accessible to beta testers? Now that the Google Message pin function has been improved, it is time to take a closer look at it.

When the Google Message pin function is improved, follow these instructions to use it

On Google Messages or any other messaging service, pinning a discussion makes it more accessible. For individuals who get a ton of communications from numerous sources, this feature is fantastic. Such folks can quickly pin a few talks to make discovering them simple.

When you do this, the conversation rises to the top of the chat list and is followed by more recent messages. Therefore, users of this function may always readily find their bookmarked discussions, regardless of how many messages they receive each day. It can be difficult for some users to choose which messages to pin and which to ignore, though.

Some users were forced to exclude other significant talks due to the previous restriction of only three pinned conversations. Users who struggle to decide which discussions to pin and which to skip can now add two extra items thanks to this beta upgrade. Users will have the option to pin up to five conversations once this enhancement is available internationally.

Users can choose to pin talks pertaining to their families, friends, jobs, or even their schools. These talks can be either private or group chats, and all of them will display at the top of the app’s user interface with a pin symbol. There is no indication on when this functionality will be available everywhere, but once it is, end users will receive an app update.