Google Messages will make picture sharing faster

Google Messenger has recently undergone a major redesign. A new home screen along with menu items moved around. Although the company isn’t done making amendments yet, As per information from the latest reports, Google messages will have a camera icon on the home screen.

Google messages camera icon will make it convenient to send pictures

You will probably occasionally send an image using Google Messages. You have a few choices if you need to take a picture to send to your receiver. One option is to navigate to the discussion, click the Add button, and then use the camera. Alternatively, you might open the camera app, press the shutter, navigate to the discussion, and choose the picture.

Although neither of those methods is especially difficult, Google wants to make things a little bit easier. The search button will now have a new camera icon in the Google Messages app, thanks to an update from the firm. If you press that button, the camera app will open. The Select Recipients UI will appear when you take the desired picture. This will enable you to submit the photo immediately.

Camera for Google Messages

Sending photos to your friends will now be a little bit quicker and simpler thanks to this. It should be noted that this functionality has not yet been released. The exact date of Google’s public release remains uncertain. Currently, you will see the Add recipient screen when you take an image.

That’s noteworthy since Google is currently redesigning the user interface. It will open in full-screen mode, displaying additional recipients for you to add instead of a small box that displays a handful of your recent recipients. Additionally, you’ll be able to enlarge the list to display even more. You’ll just have to wait and see when Google releases any of these updates, because we have no idea when.

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