Google Messages now has a revamped text field with a shortcuts bar

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Google updated the Google Messages app with additional features to celebrate reaching one billion RCS users. Google is releasing a fresh update that includes an updated text field with a dedicated shortcut bar. With the redesign, you will now have a distinct box with shortcuts, with the text field taking up most of the space.

The plus, gallery, and Magic Compose buttons would disappear as you typed when you tapped the RCS/text box, which previously occupied two-thirds of the screen. With the most recent version, Google Messages now has a left-aligned text box with Magic Compose, a gallery button, an emoji button, and a new plus icon that is now circled around in the text field.

A new area beyond the text field pill for moods is another update to the voice recorder. Some people find it strange that the Google Messages text box is now left-aligned even if the messages you send show on the right, as reported by 9To5Google. The new user interface (UI) that shows up when you go into typing mode is another modification you’ll notice.

Split the text box into two lines when you begin composing a new user interface (UI), with the text field at the top and your shortcuts stored in the below bar. Using the shortcuts may be handy, but getting used to them may take some time. This updated text box is already visible with a shortcut bar for some Google Messages beta users. Although this feature isn’t being rolled out on a wider level yet,

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