Google Messages might make contact sharing a lot convenient

The default messaging software for many Android smartphones is Google Messages, and it frequently undergoes updates. There will soon be a new adjustment that will make sharing on this app a little bit less annoying. The Google Messages share sheet is getting an upgrade to make sharing simpler, according to 9To5Google.

You might want to update your app if you’re not aware of the upcoming changes to Google Messages. The company recently slightly updated the home page. The search bar was eliminated by the corporation, and a search button was installed in its place. Additionally, the entire menu was shifted to the menu on the right side of the screen, replacing the hamburger-style menu, which was also eliminated. More information regarding Google messages.

Google Messages makes modifications to its share sheet

The Android share sheet is what you’ll use to share something with a contact on Google Messages. You would see a little floating window with some of your most recent contacts that you may have shared when you previously chose the Google Messages option. Their name and phone number would be displayed. It would be a little frustrating, though, if you suddenly needed to share something with a contact you hadn’t shared with in a while.

You would need to leave the share sheet and manually share the material by navigating to the Google Messages app if you couldn’t find that person on the list. That extra step renders the use useless.

Google is, however, modifying the Google Messages share sheet. When you choose Google Messages after the update, a full page will open as opposed to a small window. Five of your most recent contacts will be displayed. If the person you wish to share with isn’t listed, tap the More recent discussions button next to the list. The list will grow by 15 conversations as a result. To discover the proper chat, you can extend the list several times.

On the top right of the screen, there is a search button if you don’t want to bother scrolling through a list. Finally, you can choose several recipients to deliver the content to. The update is already rolling out, but you might need to wait some time to get a stable version.

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