Google Messages might introduce Animated emoticons in your chats

Google Messages is essential for daily communication because it is the default messaging software on some of the top Android smartphones. It is useful for connecting with just about anyone who has a phone number because it can handle both traditional SMS and MMS and the more sophisticated RCS standard. Advanced AI tools like Magic Compose have been added to Messages in beta to enhance the user experience and aid users in writing rapid responses. Animated emoticons are finally being accepted by the chat app, but with some limitations.

In Messages, sending common emoji is already feasible. However, the addition of animated emojis livens up the situation a little. But it appears that animations only function when you send a single emoji. Therefore, using many emojis or even a mix of text and emoji doesn’t seem to start the animation.

On the plus side, it does apply to most of the emoji that are now available on your keyboard, which makes texts more engaging. Reddit user BruthaBeige first noticed the presence of emoji animations in Messages and then blogged about it on the Google Messages subreddit.

Separately, the new graphic element appears to have come to Android guru Mishaal Rahman’s attention as well; a user in the replies later confirmed its presence. The feature does not appear to be live for everyone, so it is most likely now only available in some regions.

Currently, there are still some unknowns, such as the ones we mentioned above. But when animated emoji are made available to all users of Messages, we anticipate Google will supply all the pertinent information. A new symbol for RCS chats is one of the most recent updates to the app, and Google has also enhanced direct answers for Messages users using the web interface.