Google Meet’s latest picture-in-picture mode for Chrome is making multitasking easier

We might have passed past the pandemic era, but video making has become a permanent trend that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon. In the past few months, Google has been constantly updating the platform with the latest features to improve your experience during a video call while moving from one tab to the next. Picture-in-picture mode was introduced to Google Meet in June 2022. This feature has enhanced our work routines through multitasking. We spotted Google improving its picture-in-picture capabilities for Meet earlier this year, and now these features are being added to the app.

Up until this point, Google Meet’s PiP window only included switches for your camera and microphone as well as a button to end the conference. This won’t be the case in the future. Controls for raising your hand, turning on or off subtitles, changing layouts, sending and reading in-meeting conversations, and watching your presentation as it appears to others are now visible in the improved picture-in-picture box. In its release, Google says that resizing the pop-up window will now be simpler than before.

When this mode is active, you’ll be notified of new messages, hand raises, and join requests. For any task other than that, you need to exit windowed mode.

To provide improved picture-in-picture capabilities in Google Meet, Google is making use of the new Document Picture-in-Picture API, which initially launched with Chrome 111. Unfortunately, this also means that Chrome is the only browser that supports the API, so you must use Chrome to benefit from the enhancements.

These adjustments will ease your life if you frequently use Google Meet to check up with coworkers and conduct online meetings.

All Google Workspace and personal Google account holders have access to the new picture-in-picture features in Google Meet. According to Google, the functionality will go live on June 7 and be accessible to everyone by June 15.