Google Maps Starts Fuel Saving Route Alternatives When Navigating

In Europe, Google Maps will be given a practical additional function when planning routes by car: the implementation of fuel- and energy-saving routes is currently underway. The option is displayed when an alternative route saves more energy. This is evident from various media reports. The group had already introduced fuel-saving routes in the US and Canada.

The first indications that this extra could soon start in Europe were already there in June. Now the time has come, and the release takes place. Google has announced the launch of new features announced for Germany in the company blog and explains the details of the new feature. In the future, it will be possible to display the route with the lowest energy consumption in addition to the fastest route. Understanding optimal route planning, however, for some routes, the fastest route may also be the most energy-efficient. Only one route will then be displayed.

Otherwise, you can see the route with the lowest energy consumption in Google Maps by a small leaf symbol that should indicate “environmental friendliness”. In addition, Google gives a percentage of the possible savings for the special route.

Google uses various factors such as route length, road slope, and traffic congestion to calculate and help optimize potential fuel consumption. Artificial intelligence is used for this. In the US and Canada, the feature would have “saved CO2 emissions as much as if 100,000 cars had been taken off the road,” Google writes. That’s quite an encouragement.

Engine type selectable

In order to adapt the route planner even better, you can also save the type of engine you use in the settings: you can currently choose between petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric drive. The release will be gradual. According to Google, the fuel-saving routes will be introduced in Germany and other major European countries immediately and should be available to all Google Maps users on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.