Google Maps for Android Auto has also received color updates

Google Maps is now releasing the changed colors for Android Auto after the release of a new UI and updated colors for the Android app. Warm colors have been added to Google Maps; roads are now tinted grey, and grass appears as mint.

Android Auto now supports the upgraded Google Maps colors that were previously accessible on iOS, Android, and the web. Although it might not seem like a significant UI update, the cooler color scheme is one. The direction card at the top of the user interface (UI), the blue navigation line, and all of the texts will all have alterations in addition to the color scheme that is being used.

Additional paint colors applied to buildings and other structures include bright yellow and grey

According to reports from 9To5Google, the direction card at the top becomes a darker shade of green when the content changes, and the navigation line is significantly bluer. Overall, the Google Maps Android Auto app’s new color adjustments seem nice. For instance, users may more clearly distinguish between grassy areas and roadways in parks and forests because of the mint color.

When zoomed out, Google Maps further displays the street crossing signs in white, improving visibility. Furthermore, the new color scheme makes trail pathways in natural surroundings less noticeable. Depending on their significance, large structures and buildings are painted in light yellow or grey tones. A deeper grey color with a blue undertone is applied to motorways, or highways, in several nations.

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