Google Maps Add A New Feature That Tell Users About The Best Time Of Day To Travel

Google Maps is a famous App for finding your destination quite easily. Now it has added a new feature through which Google Map tells users when is the best time to leave a locality. Usually, Google Map displays the directions you need to follow to reach your destination and the estimated time it would take to reach there. Now a new bar graph will be shown on the App showing how long it would take users to reach their destination if they go half an hour earlier or a couple of hours later.

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It’s not hundred percent accurate, as you can’t exactly tell how much time would be saved or wasted if you leave half an hour earlier or late, but an approximate guess could be made by this new feature on Google Map. So if you want to leave for someplace, make sure you look at this feature and leave the house at the best possible time.

This feature has appeared on Android phones when it would show on iOS is yet to be seen.

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