Google And Levi’s: Introducing Smart Jacket Expected To Come This Fall

google levi smart jacket

Google and Levi’s partner up to develop the connected denim smart jacket price tag is final but not out yet, the release date is pushed further from spring to the fall.

Previously it was expected to hit the stores in Spring, but the release date has been pushed forward till fall, still not confirmed though.

You can buy this techie jacket at $350 when it goes on sale in the stores, is the first commercial product containing ATAP’s Project Jacquard technology, which uses conductive fabric to turn a normal article of clothing into a connected device, that can send instructions to your smartphone, like playing or skipping a song by double tapping your wrist and lot more things like that. Its functions are more or less similar to those of a smartwatches, but less obtrusive and certainly a lot more stylish.

After Smartphones, Smart watches and now Smart Jackets are coming into the market. Do people really need smart jackets or it is just another collaborative marketing technique to sell the product from both ends?

As previously discussed that robots will take over UK jobs in near future. Now if we keep on turning from Smart to Smarter we might turn ourselves into robots, because without those smart things in the future we may not be able to survive.


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  1. This is Amazing. Google cares about people or wants us to realize that they have endless technology ideas and grip?

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