Google lets you spin the Fidget Spinner on search page—If you don’t have one

By simply typing “Fidget Spinner” on Google will open up a virtual fidget spinner for you which you can spin multiple times by clicking the “Spin”.

It depends for which purpose you can use this spinner, you still can spin it for fun, allocate time bound task you do, spin it if you are downloading a file and expecting it to be completed within a given cycle or bet on your fidget spinning time.

Google will also let you spin the wheel with numbers on it, you can turn the number side on and play a game with your friends, the number ranges from 1 to 6 which can make a good game in Cricket as well in the subcontinent.

Choose the number of hits as “number of balls to throw” and count the total runs you have made, then let your opponent to chase the total and see who wins. The winner should get some prize for this,

Google is also opened for feedback if you like it then don’t forget to give your feedback on this development.