Google launches a new feature for job seekers in Pakistan

Google has launched a new feature to help job seekers find a job in Pakistan and other regions. They can find employment opportunities through known job listing websites, online ads, and other companies. In the Google search, this new feature has been inbuilt to help those who are unemployed or looking for a better job.

Job listings will be available via this new feature from thousands of different sites including  Mustakbil, PaperPK, Bikroy, PakProbiz, Needjobsoon,, Indeed, etc.

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Job seekers can search using different keywords like “part-time jobs,” “media jobs”, “writing jobs”, “IT jobs” and others. A special module will open up that can be expanded to explore more jobs. If the user clicks on any of the jobs shown in the listing an at-a-glance view of the job is shown. In this view job seekers can know about job title, its location, description, role, and criteria. They will also know whether the job is full time or part-time. Reviews and ratings of the employer will be also revealed. They can search further or apply for the job that matches their education & expertise.

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The job search will come equipped with a handful of tools making it simpler to find the jobs that fit your needs. You can filter jobs by using location, job & company type etc. Through this google will display customized results. Furthermore, the job listings can be saved & shared with friends & family. Users can also receive alerts and notifications by signing up.

Basically, the aim is to help individuals find the right jobs and businesses to hire the right person for the job. The new Google Search experience is available on Android and iOS and in Google Search in the English language.

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