Google is working on communication network between Android devices

Integration is the name of the game in the modern world. Our devices must not only function, but they must also function well with other devices. Google is developing a new Link Your Devices feature for Android that will improve communication between your devices.

Nowadays, tech consumers are likely to own many devices. They will have a phone for making calls and playing games, as well as a tablet for viewing media. Companies have worked hard to make these devices connect with one another invisibly. In this field, Apple is still a pioneer, and rival businesses are catching up. Google, the company that owns Android, has the authority to provide the platform with some powerful integration.

Google to bring link to your device’s features on Android

Although Android is integrated, it still needs some work. It appears that Google is attempting to make those adjustments, according to a recent report from 9To5Google. A new Link Your Devices menu is coming to Android, as noted by @Nail_Sadykov on Twitter. This hub will demonstrate various methods for sharing functionality between devices.

You can’t access this at the moment because it is hidden in the code. The menu currently only lists one possible action for you to take. You can smoothly switch active calls between various devices with the Call Switching feature. This is a fantastic feature to have, and other businesses have already used it.

Other than that, we don’t know what additional features the corporation will offer. Though the screenshot doesn’t show anything, Mishaal Rahman speculated that Google would release an Internet Sharing tool.

What Google has in mind for this functionality is still unknown. Additionally, we don’t know exactly when the business plans to create this center. We don’t know if the organization is currently developing other options to fill out the menu, as there was only one feature that was clearly apparent. When Android 14 launches on the stable channel, this feature might be one of the new additions.