Google is testing a new feature to shield Android users from scammers

Cyber Theft

Google is developing a latest pilot program that’ll help users to protect their money along with their personal information. Google is planning to test in some latest features for security protections via Google Play protect.

Even though Play Protect real-time scanning by Google last year made app downloads safer, the company claims scammers often use social engineering techniques to convince Android phone users to circumvent these security protections themselves and jeopardize their wallets and personal information.

Cybercriminals employ a variety of strategies, according to Google, to persuade owners of Android phones to “disable security safeguards and ignore proactive warnings for potential malware, scams, and phishing.” Cybercriminals can thus easily get security codes, passwords, and financial information by using these techniques.

In Singapore, a novel anti-fraud security feature will be evaluated

Google reports that 95% of malware installations on Android phones originate from programs that sideload files from the Internet, including file managers, web browsers, and messaging apps. Google said that in order to address this problem, it has re-established its partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and will shortly begin a trial program for a new anti-fraud system.

With Google’s new method, “installations of apps that may use sensitive runtime permissions frequently abused for financial fraud” will be immediately blocked. Every time the user tries to install an app from a source that uses Internet sideloading, this will occur. When a sideloaded program asks the following four runtime permissions; RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, BIND_Notifications, and Accessibility, which are frequently exploited to carry out scams, the system will take notice.

Any sideloaded application declaring any of these four permissions will be blocked by the system during the Singapore pilot program. A notification alerting users about Play Protect automated blocking of the app’s installation will appear. When the anti-fraud trial program in Singapore ends and when Android phone users in other areas can benefit from this new method are unspecified details provided by the search engine behemoth.  

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