Google is testing a fake search bar in the Discover feed

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Google app and Pixel Launcher also have Google Discover, which acts as a central center for all your potential interests. Google is aware that you frequently read an article on Discover before using the main Search app to look for related material. The company is currently testing a new user interface element that streamlines this search process by providing a launchpad for the query right in the Discover feed.

Google began beta testing the addition of a faux search bar just above suggested articles in Discover back in June, encouraging users to begin a real discovery trip on Search from there. Although starting Google Search elsewhere and continuing the thought process would be handier, 9to5Google discovered a new test in the most recent beta of the Google app, which runs the Discover feed.

Now, the search query text for the suggested article is included in the fake search bar that is visible above recommended articles. As you might anticipate, hitting the faux search bar opens Google Search results for the question, saving you the time and effort of manually inputting it. 9to5The Full Coverage option on Google News, where you can seek up various publications’ perspectives on the same topic, is what Google compares it to. You, the reader, can access a broader variety of information, such as video, news articles, search results, and commerce links, thus it is best to send them to Google search.

The faux search bar is only discernible in the Discover feed generated by the most recent Google app beta, so take note of that. Therefore, it’s impossible to predict when, if at all, the experience will be added to the app’s stable version. Like any beta features, there’s a good chance Google will modify the look and feel before a wider release.