Google is removing ‘Photo Sphere’ feature, starting from Pixel 8 series

Beginning with the Google Pixel 8 series, Google will stop supporting the Photo Sphere function on Pixel devices. The Nexus 4 was the first handset to support Google Photo Sphere when it was initially introduced with Android Jellybean in 2012. Since the first Pixel, this feature has been supported by every Pixel device.

With Google Camera 9.0, the older Pixel smartphones can still use this capability; it will be interesting to see if Google keeps it on those devices with Google Camera 9.1. With the help of software, many photos of your surroundings are combined to produce a 360° image utilizing the Photo Sphere feature. You were able to record the moment as foolishly as possible, but there was a catch.

Google probably eliminated Photo Sphere for this reason

While confirming the removal to Android Authority, Google gave no explanation. But those who have used this feature personally will undoubtedly have a hunch. Software on the phone stitches the photos, but there is only so much that can be done after the photos are taken. At least with amateur hands, the outcome rarely becomes appreciable.

Google Camera appears to have only the user’s experience in mind. Simply aim your camera towards the subject, then press the shutter. You leave the rest to your Pixel. You leave the rest to your Pixel. On the other hand, with Photo Sphere, it is challenging to maintain the phone in the center of the ‘sphere’ when you rotate it in different directions, and the phone hardly captures the image from that location.

Realistically speaking, the functionality didn’t fully fit Google Camera’s intention to improve the user experience. At the same time, many Pixel users were unaware that their phones had this feature.

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