Google is now exploring a bottom search bar for its Android app

Android users are used to relying on the Google app for Search queries and internet browsing. The app is available on all Android smartphones across the world, except China. It comes with the Google Mobile Services (GMS) suite of apps. This app is highly significant and has a big impact on the user experience, especially since Google GMS also demands a home screen widget. It’s possible that Google is updating the Google App to make mobile searching even simpler.

According to the information provided by TheSpAndroid, the tech giant Google has relocated the search bar. The information was spotted in the new version of the Google App. In contrast to the previous top location, the search bar is now located at the bottom of the app. Well, it is quite a significant modification, although it doesn’t appear so from the surface.

A bottom search bar has several benefits. Given the fact that today’s smartphones are big enough, the best conversion rates are not achieved by a UX element that is positioned in the upper half of the screens since users are viewing it without interacting enough. As compared to the top search bar, the bottom search bar is easier to click and improves the user experience.

As compared to Google Chrome on Android, the iOS version of the app has a bottom URL bar. Although this impending update has been noticed for the Google App, we’re expecting that Chrome for Android will benefit from it. These days’ phones are simply too large to retain the crucial click elements inside apps in the upper half of the screen.

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