Google is introducing Reading Mode and other features to Android smartphones and tablets


Google has introduced a couple of new features for Android smartphones and tablets. Additionally, some features for Wear OS-based smartwatches were also introduced. All of these features are expected to arrive soon in Galaxy smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones. The new features include the following:

  • a system-wide Reading Mode
  • improved Google Cast
  • sharing Digital Car Keys
  • new collage styles in the Google Photos app
  • replies to specific messages in Google Messages
  • new emoji mashups,
  • better security prompts

Reading mode

Using the Play Store, users can install the Reading Mode app on any Android smartphone or tablet. The app functions by taking the text from any webpage or app and displaying it exclusive of ads and pop-ups. Furthermore, the font, font style, background color, switch between dark and light modes, and line spacing could be adjusted. In addition to this, this app can even turn text into speech via the Android’s built-in Text To Speech feature. It indicates that the user can choose the playback speed and voice (English, French, Italian, and Spanish) for the particular text. This accessibility-based app is presented across all Android 9.0 (and above) devices.

Google TV app

This app lets the users cast any video with a single tap. On the other hand, users can continue browsing content. Moreover, the app could be utilized as a remote controller for a consistent Android TV or Google TV-based smart TV.

Digital Car Keys

Using the Google Wallet app, users can easily share Digital Car Keys. It works with both Android as well as iOS. Concerning security, Google apps will now be featured a security alert. Users can select and take the recommended actions for improving the security of their accounts.

In addition to all these updates, Google Photos is now getting new collage styles. These styles will be adopted by brilliant artists DABSMYLA and Yao Cheng. Furthermore, the Google Messages app is also getting some upgrades. Now the users can reply to a particular message. The users can see the message they reply to and ensure where the conversation started and how it’s going. The Google Keyboard app is introducing more emoji options via the Emoji Kitchen feature.