Google is expected to roll out a fix for slow Nest WiFi Pro routers

Google recently introduced the Nest WiFi Pro mesh router system. According to some sources, Google is going to release a software update by this week to resolve an issue associated with the Nest WiFi Pro mesh router system. The company made a statement with The Verge and mentioned that they are investigating the reports related to slow internet speeds. As per the company this issue is faced by relatively a small number of users while using the device. The company further added that they are soon going to roll out a fix for the said issue.

While, on paper, the Nest WiFi Pro is reported to support a speed of around 5.4Gbps when connected with other WiFi 6E-compatible devices. However, as soon as the device went on sale on October 27th, the user began reporting to the Community forum of Google Nest that some of them were facing reduced internet speed. They reported that they were limited to 40Mbps and 90Mbps speeds. Additionally, in most of the cases, the same users reported that their old WiFi 5 Nest mesh routers were better at speeds compared to the latest model. In reality, the new device was outperformed by the old WiFi 5 Nest mesh routers in speed tests.

However, it is to be noted here that not every user is experiencing the same issue while using the Nest WiFi Pro. According to Google, users from the United States are reporting this issue. This implies point-to-point protocol over ethernet (PPPoE) networks. Given this fact, users from the US and other parts of Europe are relatively reporting poor performance of the Nest WiFi Pro.