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Google is Expected to Deploy Samsung’s Technology in Developing its New SoC

Google is working on new SoC dubbed as Tensor, which is another name for Exynos 9855.

Google Tensor SoC

While we already know that smartphone makers are in dire need of smartphone chipsets, these companies are working on self-developed SoCs. Previously we heard the same about Apple’s own chipsets. And today we learned about Google’s new chipsets. The new chipset by Google is dubbed by the name Tensor.

According to a source, a new chipset premiered screens with Google’s “G” logo. Another report claims that this is actually an unreleased CPU from Samsung, namely Exynos 9855. The report also suggested that this SoC shared the R&D code with Whitechapel.

Last year, there were some reports suggesting Samsung’s upcoming two processors – Exynos 9955 and Exynos 9855. It now seems as Samsung sold this SoC to Google.

Rumors suggest that this Exynos (dubbed as Tensor) is built on a 5nm process. The company will use Samsung’s CPU, GPU, baseband, and other technologies. While it would deploy its tech in areas, such as ISP, DPU, and other modules.

So far Google has not confirmed anything about it. We do expect to hear soon from the company about this new chipset and its plans.

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