Google is Ending Redirect Ads in Chrome

The Internet is an amazing platform but ads on every site are equally irritating and annoying. The redirect ads are surely the most maddening thing on the internet. They are like frustrating bumps on the information highway.

The good news is that Google will soon end these redirects ads for the sake of all the users. A redirect ad is a process through which popup blocking is avoided, a standard feature on all browsers. The ads are on all sites, mostly without the website owner’s permission or consent. Also, they open additional windows and tabs that a user never opened, thus creating more anger amongst internet users.

Starting from Chromev64, Google will now block all redirect ads that come up from third-party frames. In the main branch of Chrome, it’s not live yet but in Chromev64 it is in Developer and Canary channels. In beta-version, it will launch in almost a month and for general public most likely it will be available in early 2018.

Google also announced to introduce an ad-blocker on Chrome so this change compliments that announcement. This feature, Google is referring to as ‘filter’. It will allow only those ads that follow proper guidelines.

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The issue of ads on Google is quite a problem for the users. If this works, it will be a great relief for the general public.