Google is considering making its Pixel phones in India

Some recent pieces of information suggest that the tech giant Google is considering moving its Pixel smartphone production to a new location. The source of this information is the Bloomberg’s report. Presently, the tech giant manufactures its Pixel smartphones in China and Vietnam. The information suggests that the company is considering moving the production to India.

India has been advertising its campaign the “Make in India” program. Such strategies are attracting investors and companies. Previously, we learned that Apple is also considering the production of smartphones in India. Google has reportedly spoken with Lava International Ltd., Dixon Technologies India, and the Indian division of Foxconn Technology Group, Bharat FIH, according to this Bloomberg story.

Well, such a move could have a little effect on Pixel consumers. It might be possible that the company slightly increases the prices of its smartphones where its pricing is already quite competitive. Furthermore, the company could eventually launch its Pixel smartphones in more countries since they are officially available in just a few countries. The rest of the regions import Pixel smartphones.

Over the past few years, India has flourished as a big manufacturing hub for several companies. Even the Chinese company Xiaomi has set up a plant in India to fulfill the local demands and save shipping costs. Well, there is a little chance that Google will move all of its Pixel smartphones production to India. Since big tech companies always tend to diversify their partners.