Google is beta testing latest Resize tool for Gboard

Google's Gboard

A few months ago, we have spotted Google working on a Gboard tool that will make it quite convenient to resize the keyboard over android devices. The tool, aptly named Resize, is currently available to users in the beta channel. The feature should be available in the stable version of Gboard in the following months.

Gboard’s revamped toolbar now includes a new shortcut for resizing. Tapping it brings up an interface that allows you to effortlessly resize the keyboard. You can change the width and height of the keyboard by sliding the keyboard’s edges. This allows you more detailed control over the size than the conventional Keyboard height menu in Settings’ Preferences section. There are seven height options available here: Extra-short, Short, Mid-short, Normal, Mid-tall, Tall, and Extra-tall.

As per information via report from 9to5Google, the latest tools of Gboard will let you reduce Gboard’s width by about two thirds. While using tablet in landscape mode, this tool will resize the layout into a phone like layout. Being in this size you’ll be able to drag the keyboard anywhere on the screen. Tapping the checkmark saves the adjustments, while using the reset button returns the keyboard to its original location and removes any size modifications.

It is important to note that making the keyboard smaller than its usual size would result in empty areas around it. You can’t put anything in those spaces since programs are designed to hide content in areas that are frequently covered by the keyboard when in use. According to the publication, Gboard’s new Resize tool resembles the Floating keyboard and One-handed mode, but they are not the same. One thing to notice here is that the new tool is now available to beta users. However, not all beta users have access to it.