Google is attempting to resolve the storage issue with Android 14 as soon as possible

Google has officially commented on the storage issue with Android 14 that some Pixel devices are experiencing. Users are unable to access the media storage due to the problem, and some devices are even experiencing boot loops.

“This issue may prevent the principal user from accessing media storage, depending on the device. An alternative solution is to restart the device and see the notice “Factory data reset.” The device will continuously reboot with the message “Pixel is starting” if this message is denied. If it is accepted, data that has not been backed up may be lost. The response from Google was received via 9to5Google.

This issue appeared on the Pixel 6 and other models that came after they were updated to Android 14. Child users, visitors, and limited profiles are examples of these supplementary user profiles. Keep in mind that having numerous Google accounts logged in within the main user or work profiles is not the only issue. For those who have experienced it, the inability to access media storage has proven to be a significant annoyance.

Google to resolve Pixel phone storage issues with Android 14

A Google Play system upgrade has already been released by the firm to stop these issues from happening to other devices. Go to Settings, Security & privacy, System & update, and lastly Google Play system update to get this update. According to the most recent data, the system update went live on October 1, 2023.

Google is working on a system update that will fix the problem and let you access your priceless media files again if you are locked out of your media storage. Additionally, Google is developing possible ways to retrieve data from devices that are locked in a boot loop and showing the phrase “Pixel is starting.” Google has reassured impacted consumers that more details will be shared as soon as they become available, even if the details are still pending.

How to Remain Safe

Google advises against creating or logging in as a secondary user on Pixel 6 or later devices until the OTA (over-the-air) update with the fix becomes available for those who haven’t yet experienced the Android 14 storage issue. In the interim, taking this measure should help avoid any potential problems related to this storage issue.

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