Google introduces new improvements to Vertex AI

Apart from the new hardware, i.e., the Pixel 8, Google has some major stuff in the store. As per some recent pieces of information shared by Venture Beat, the tech giant Google recently held its Google Next event. Reportedly, the company introduced some new features and improvements to Vertex AI and some other AI products. Google wants to provide helpful tools for AI developers and users given how quickly AI technology is developing today, particularly with the emergence of generative AI.

Google unveils new improvements for Vertex AI

If you are unaware of the Vertex AI platform, let us just quickly overview it. It is basically a set of several powerful tools that are used in machine learning. It is helpful for ML enthusiasts and ML developers. Notably, the company has added several new extensions to Vertex AI. The improvements revolve around the extensions that Google added to Vertex AI.

“Vertex AI Extensions is a set of fully supported developer tools that integrate models via API with real-life data and allow models to execute real-world actions,” said June Yang, VP of cloud AI and industry solutions at Google. These extensions are helpful for users who are interested in developing their own generative AI app. It can be challenging to obtain the right tools when it comes to creating generative AI technologies. These extensions will undoubtedly be useful because this is a difficult task.

Some mainstream news channels are against ChatGPT

Some big news channels, like Insider, CNN, The New York Times, etc., have some serious concerns about ChatGPT. They object to the chatbot gathering data from them and training it on their content. These websites, along with numerous others, do this in order to prevent ChatGPT’s crawlers from accessing them. Perhaps the list will grow with time.

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