Google has latest Nest Wi-Fi model in development

Google might be working on the latest Nest Wi-Fi model. As per spotted by people from 9to5Google, there are various Wi-Fi references to an unannounced Wi-Fi router in the latest version of the Google Home app (v3.4). This version is being rolled out via the Google Play Store. Although there isn’t much information on the device itself.

The recent Google Home app update, according to the magazine, contains strings connected to a Nest Wi-Fi gadget codenamed “Breeza.” It believes the codename in this case has been misspelt and should be the Italian word “brezza,” which translates to “breeze.” The string is attached below.

Separately, the same gadget was referred to as “BRZA,” which appears to be shorthand for Breeza/Brezza. It could potentially identify the device’s model number, GS4VD. According to the evidence, the new model does not change much from the Nest Wi-Fi.

“The Google Home app treats this new model almost exactly as it does the current Nest WI-FI Pro,” according to the article. However, Google will almost certainly do something to distinguish the Breeza/Brezza from the existing Nest Wi-Fi devices. There are several possibilities.

For example, the Nest Wi-Fi Pro introduced the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, and Google increased the asking price as expected. However, unlike the original Nest Wi-Fi, it did not support a Google Assistant speaker at the mesh points. There is no indication that this will be restored in the future model.

The new Nest Wi-Fi could be an updated version of an older device

Google has a history of reintroducing previous routers at a lower price point a few years later. The popular Google Wi-Fi, which debuted in late 2016, had a model code upgrade in 2020. So, if the Breeza/Brezza is an update of an existing Nest Wi-Fi model, it won’t be completely out of the question.

We can’t tell anything for certain because details are scant. However, if Google intends to unveil the new tablet this autumn alongside the Piel 8 series, or perhaps in early 2024, we should learn more about it shortly. Meanwhile, consider these top Wi-Fi routers for your home internet sources.

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