Google has been sued over tracking location history despite turning off the feature

Google is facing new scrutiny when the company, in a lawsuit, has been accused of tracking the millions of mobile phone users’ location illegally even when they turn off the location history setting.

Google has been accused of tracking the location of the both (Android and iPhone) users.

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As per the complaint, the company has falsely assured the mobile phone users that the company cannot be able to track the mobile phone users’ movement if they turn the ‘Location History’ feature off on their mobile phones, and instead Google violates the users’ privacy by tracking and storing the location history.

The complaint was filed on last Friday in the San Francisco federal court, which said; “The Company said that any mobile phone user can turn off the ‘Location History’ at any time. When the feature is disabled, the places users go are no longer be tracked or stored. But, this information was not true.”

Napoleon Patacsil, a man who brings the case in the court is seeking a class-section action against the company on behalf of the United States’ Android and iPhone users.

In the complaint, the man argued that the company is violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act and the United States’ constitutional right to privacy.