Google explains why certain Google Drive files are missing

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great place to store important files and documents. It grants users easy access to stored folders. Just recently, we learned that users of Google Drive reported missing files on the app. The users claimed that all of a sudden, their files had disappeared. However, Google has now identified the problem and is providing suggestions on what to do until it is resolved.

Thankfully, Google has acknowledged the issue with Google Drive. The tech giant asserts that it will begin investigating the problem. According to the company, the problem is specifically presented on the Google Drive for Desktop app. In addition to this, the issue is faced by only a few users. The company assures that as soon as further information becomes available, it will provide updates.

The tech behemoth is providing some advice to consumers to assist in preventing file destruction while it looks into the matter further. According to the company, users must not click “Disconnect account” within Drive for desktop or delete or move the app data folder. However, the company recommends making a copy of the app data folder if a user has space on a hard drive.

Several users reported the problem on the company’s support forum. A South Korean user reported that he had no access to data he uploaded from May 2023 onward. He had only access to data that was available until May 2023. The user claimed that neither any file was shared nor synced by him.

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