Google expanded its Bug Bounty program to generative AI

Google, a prominent player in the AI space, possesses immense potential for negative consequences. It is nevertheless making every effort to reassure the public that it is using AI technology responsibly. Google is expanding its bug bounty program to include generative AI because of this.

Businesses frequently find and fix flaws in their goods and software. But often, a single company cannot handle the flaws and vulnerabilities in large software packages. This is the reason for the existence of programs whereby independent businesses and individuals can identify bugs for the corporation, report them, and receive payment.

Google’s advanced bug bounty program for generative AI

Google offers incentives to those who discover flaws as part of its bug bounty program. Up until recently, the business primarily concentrated on conventional software. However, the business just revealed that generative AI technology will now be a part of its bug bounty program.

Although people have been searching for and reporting AI bugs and security flaws already, this program will encourage people to search for possible flaws. Thus, more people will be able to use the stage. The official bug bounty page contains further information about the program; however, Google hasn’t provided too many details about it.

This is where AI technology is needed

In the big picture, the generative AI craze is still relatively new, even if it will soon turn one year old. A lot is still up in the air. We remain ignorant about the possible consequences of generative AI, and we have yet to witness the extensive advantages that corporations are promoting.

Generative AI poses a significant security concern due to the volume of data that is exchanged. More eyes will be on these corporations and their AI models because they will open the floor to more individuals to find security flaws and vulnerabilities. This is necessary to reduce the possible security threats associated with AI.

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