Google Drive Security Update Will Make Old Links Inaccessible

After September 13 after the Google drive security update some old urls may stop working .

Google Drive

Google has been working on an update of Google drive for some time now and the search engine giant has now announced that it would start rolling out the update soon, the company has also warned users that old URLs associated with the drive may stop working by mid-September.

According to the details, when Google will roll out the security update on September 13 the drive will automatically a resource key to the generated links for sharing. This means that the URLs that are distributed via sharing will need a resource key to access the URL, users who have already viewed the old URLs will not be affected by this change however, the users who previously not accessed the URLs will have to add the resource key to access the URL otherwise the URL will not be accessible.

Workspace Admins And Individuals

The workspace admins will have the opportunity until July 23 in order to decide how this security update will be implemented in their organization. The admins will have a choice to implement it with limitations or completely opt-out.

On the other hand, personal drive users will receive the notification from Google regarding the change from July 26 and they will have time until September 13 to make a decision. The individual users can also choose not to apply the update altogether. However, opting out is not recommended by Google as the company has already made it clear in the blog post which is an essential part of security. But Google only recommends the update “Not applied” to URLs distributed publicly.

Moreover, the company will also release the changes for YouTube that could generate a whole lot of old broken links. YouTube already has a security mechanism that makes links to unlisted videos hard to find for people they weren’t shared with, this change only happened in 2017. And now from July 23, all unlisted videos uploaded to the platform before 2017 will be made private unless users opt-out from it.