Google discovered a new icon for Find My Device

Google’s version of Apple’s Find My iPhone, Find My Device, makes it simple to locate where you left your phone behind and offers the ability to remotely wipe it. Google is working on a feature that would allow users to find devices even while they are offline, and the service is expected to receive some significant changes. However, the app will initially receive a minor update. The new symbol for Find My Device blends in perfectly with the other vibrant Google apps.

Mishaal Rahman informs us via a tip he received from Nail Sadykov, the founder of the Google News Telegram channel, that the new icon appears in a notification you receive on your phone when you or someone else searches for a missing device. 9to5 Google supports the conclusions. The new design is a circle with two fan-like objects flanged on either side, and it uses the same colors as the Google logo. It takes the place of the previous phone-centered green logo, which featured a handset in a pin.

The branding change was probably implemented for two reasons: One is that the service itself is no longer directly associated with phones, as is the case with the new logo. Another benefit is that the service’s affiliation with Google is made obvious by the updated icon, which is much more consistent with the other Google apps. The rebranding makes sense when you consider how powerful Google is making it, enabling you to find more device types and even offline devices in the future.

It appears that the message described before that has the new icon attached is another enhancement to Find My Device. You will now receive alerts on your phone and via email when you or someone else searches for a device linked to your Google account. Only the gadget that was specifically looked for in the past was affected by this. When you tap the “Learn more” link in the email or the Android notification, a Google support website outlining Find My Device’s operation and how to make sure you can locate your phone in the event of a loss is opened.