Google Contacts is getting a new ringtones feature

On certain Android devices, such as Pixel phones, Google Contacts is the pre-installed contacts app. Google often updates the app with new visual features and occasionally makes functionality-related enhancements, so its functioning is no longer simple. As far back as we can recall, each contact has the option to have a custom ringtone set for them, but it appears that developers are now working on giving ringtones a new location within the Google Contacts Settings page.

Located under the Fix & Manage tab, the always-trustworthy GAppsLeaks page on Telegram was the first to notice this recently revealed Ringtones option on version Currently, to set a ringtone for a specific contact, you must open their contact card, select the three-dot menu, and then select Set ringtone. This new option is in the Other Tools area of the Fix & Manage page, directly below the family group and blocked numbers.

This new page provides you with a list of all the custom contact ringtones you’ve set, in addition to offering a more accessible option to set ringtones for your contacts. As can be seen below, each contact has a play button next to it in addition to the ringtone name listed underneath it. According to AssembleDebug, any personalized ringtone that the user has already chosen for a contact will likewise show up here.

Without a doubt, this is a superior ringtone management system than the one in place now, which requires users to open each contact card to find out if they have a custom ringtone set for them. However, it’s unclear if this most recent feature will only function as a backup or completely replace the current three-dot menu mechanism. The source called it a “work in progress,” meaning that we’re still a way off from seeing it more publicly, but they didn’t say which flag or flags needed to be switched in order for this to emerge.

One such under-development update involved moving several of the primary options to the bottom of the screen to make them easier to access on larger screens. Chips that were below the search bar had to be removed as well because they were difficult to access with one hand while using the phone. Though the recently emerged Ringtones option will take the same path, given that none of these updates have yet to show up on the Contacts app,

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