Google Chrome will now receive weekly security upgrades

As per recent pieces of information, Chrome will now receive security updates on a weekly basis. The tech giant Google will be rolling out weekly updates with Chrome 116. Previously, the company rolled out stable channel updates every two weeks.

When it comes to Chrome, the tech giant Google rolls out two different types of updates. A major milestone update for Chrome is rolled out every four weeks. Back in 2021, the updates were rolled out every six weeks. Between those large releases, the company also publishes smaller updates that “fix security and other high-impact bugs.”

Since 2020, with Chrome 77, the company has been rolling out stable channel updates every two weeks. Previously, the gap was almost 35 days. Later on, it was reduced, and the company now aims to further reduce this gap in order to protect users from security risks. The company claims that this modification will enable it to provide security fixes on average 3.5 days sooner.

Weekly updates will make it easier to fix Chrome security flaws

Google Chrome is based on the open-source Chromium platform. It means that changes can be submitted and viewed by anyone on the platform. Such an attribute has its own set of pros and cons. Threat actors might utilize those patch details to create exploits that target users who haven’t yet installed the patch and do harm to them.

n-day exploitation is the one in which a patch is already available. With the long gap, attackers get more time to design the exploit. To reduce such threats, the company is rolling out weekly security updates. Well, such a move by the company doesn’t necessarily eliminate the requirement risk for n-day exploitation. More frequent upgrades will significantly restrict “the already narrow window for n-day attackers to create and execute an exploit on potential victims and making their lives considerably more difficult.”