Google Chrome will now let you add icons to the overflow menu

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Google Chrome is the preferred browser for users both on their mobile devices and on their desktops. The company sure has an idea of this, and it keeps on striving towards making the platform a healthy one. Also, many other features are being tested and added to the website in order to improve the user experience. Continuing to make the user experience better, Chrome has added some vital visual redesigns to its pipeline that highlight a taller address bar along with material You elements. As of the latest update, the overflow menu will be able to contain icons as part of a refresh.

You can now add icons to overflow menu

You can set up this latest menu by tapping on the upper-right corner on the top right of your desktop screen. This menu contains all options, including settings, zoom options, history, and other extensions. As for Chrome 112 and older versions than that, a blank space is noticeable along with this menu. As per a tweet from Leopeva64, this space will be used up by Google to add icons.

A Chromium Gerrit commit indicating “new icons for the toolbar” was found by the researcher. If you’re using the most recent Chrome Canary (v114) and enable the visual refresh feature flag at chrome:/flags/#chrome-refresh-2023, you can view these new icons for yourself. When you do, you’ll see that almost all of the options have been given descriptive icons by Google, with the exception of a couple like Password manager.

By adding icons, Chrome for PC might more closely resemble the Android app, which already has them in the overflow menu. Unfortunately, since this feature is currently being developed, we cannot guarantee with certainty if that will occur. Google has a legitimate incentive, though, to add the feature to Chrome’s 2023 update given that other desktop browsers like Microsoft Edge already employ icons to improve the user experience.