Google Chrome Tab Management Is Being Tested

Google Chrome

Google Chrome will use the Organize Tabs feature to automate tab management by automatically sorting open tabs into appropriate tab groups. This is now being tested in an early test phase.

Google Starts Testing Tab Management in Chrome

This is reported by the magazine BetaNews. This was discovered by a user of the Canary builds of Google Chrome. It now looks as if Google has copied an AI feature from Microsoft Edge.

He showed off the innovation in a short video on the version of the browser. A similar option in Edge: Both Microsoft Edge and Chrome have tab grouping options. Edge’s feature uses AI to create tab groups. Chrome’s use of AI is not yet confirmed .”

Concerns About Chrome Feature

There isn’t much detailed information about Chrome’s Organize Tabs feature. There is speculation that it could be a new menu that allows tabs to be easily rearranged, moved to other windows, or grouped.

The feature is similar to a management extra already available in Microsoft Edge, with Edge using artificial intelligence to group content-like tabs together, according to Microsoft.

However, Google’s implementation of this feature also raises privacy concerns, although Google has not yet confirmed that AI is working in the background. Users are uncomfortable with the idea that Google’s AI has access to their browsing habits when the tabs are organized automatically.

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