Google Chrome may soon use artificial intelligence to arrange open tabs

The tech giant Google is adding AI-driven features to several of its services and apps. Of course, we will see AI features coming to Chrome in the future. One such feature is coming right away to Google Chrome. Reportedly, the new feature will help users organize Chrome tabs with the help of AI. Notably, there will be a dedicated AI settings section for Chrome.

Back in September, we got evidence that the company is working on the ‘Organize Tabs’ feature for Chrome. Using this feature, open tabs can be reordered or moved to another window. Even if the feature’s functionality was unclear at the time, the current research may clarify certain things. As per @Leopeva64, Google refers to this functionality as “Advanced.” However, some reports make it clear that this is an AI-powered feature.

A video was shared by @Leopeva64 highlighting the operations of the new feature. The video indicates that Chrome will get an “Advanced” section that will include a “Show additional settings” button. It will open a new toggle named ‘Autofill helper.’  Restart the browser after this. There are no details about the function of the ‘Autofill helper.’ According to @Leopeva64, it was previously named “Compose.”

The new settings section might include the ‘Organize Tabs’ feature. The ‘Organize Tabs’ button will show in the Search tab stripe as soon as a specific number of tabs are opened on Chrome. Perhaps it can organize tabs with the help of machine learning algorithms. Besides this, there are no details on which parameters will be used by this feature for managing tabs.

Currently, the feature is under development and there is no word about its availability to users. Beyond connecting with the company’s AI chatbot, Bard, Google Chrome has a great deal of potential to add new AI-driven capabilities. Besides this, tech giant Google will soon add AI-generated FAQs to the Play Store. Furthermore, Google has a generative AI tool that uses the PaLM 2 model to create app listings, which is already available to developers.

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