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Google Chrome Android App Version To Come In 64-bit

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Although Android has supported 64-bit processors for many years, the mobile version of the Chrome browser is only available as a 32-bit app. That should change in the near future. With the update to Chrome 85 or 86, a 64-bit version should also be available.

Some users are said to have received the 64-bit version as part of the current beta version 84 of the Chrome browser. This comes from a report by Android Police. Officially, however, the 64-bit app should only be delivered from Chrome 85 or Chrome 86. This is indicated by the current builds of the experimental Dev and Canary versions of the browser. Chrome 85 is scheduled for release in August 2020. At least Android 10 is required for this. Why the previous versions of the mobile operating system should not be supported by the 64-bit app remains to be seen.

The performance should improve

Compared to the 32-bit app, the 64-bit variant should be able to achieve significantly better performance. This is indicated by a benchmark carried out by Android Police and comparing the currently available builds of Chrome 83 and Chrome 85. While Chrome 83 achieves a score of 15,515 with the benchmark software Octane 2.0, the preview build of Chrome 85 can reach 16,785 points. Of course, it should be noted that not only the switch to 32-bit but also further optimizations should be responsible for the better performance.

Google announced some time ago that all applications available in the Play Store must also be available as 64-bit versions by August 2021 at the latest. If developers do not follow this requirement, the corresponding apps may no longer be offered via the Google Play Store.

Apple already ended support for 32-bit apps in 2017. Since all current iPhones and iPads have a 64-bit processor, there is no longer any reason for the Cupertino-based company to support compiled applications for 32-bit chips.

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