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Google Brings New Features In Phone App For Long Waiting Hotline Calls

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Google eases the annoying contact with company hotlines. In this way, users should no longer have to hang in queues and have to struggle convulsively through the poor user guidance of voice computers.

The telephony function is often neglected in smartphones and is sometimes even considered to be exhausted in its development. However, with the new features for hotline calls, Google shows that with the integration of more modern technologies it is still possible to achieve significant improvements, which for many users certainly make up an essential application for classic telephony, where private communication is largely the same has shifted to the messenger platforms.

In the new phone app, which Android brings to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models and which will later also be made available on other smartphones, the “Wait Times” feature is now included, for example. If a user clicks on a company’s hotline number here, they can directly see how high the average waiting times are over the course of the day and throughout the week.

Easily through voice menus

For this to work, of course, Google has to collect data from the users of its Android platform. This measures when a user starts the call and when he actually gets in contact with a customer service representative. In this respect, the feature should only work for companies that already have a statistically relevant number of callers.

In addition, Google brings the Direct My Call feature. Here the phone app recognizes when the user is connected to a voice computer and should shimmy through its menu navigation. Transcription of the respective selection points then appears directly on the display, which can then be selected with one click. So it is not necessary to speak the selection into the phone – and then possibly not be understood correctly. This should be particularly helpful if you are to interact with such a language system in public.

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