Google Assistant speech recognition feature is now available on Google Maps

Google Maps mobile app

The Google Assistant speech recognition feature is now available in Google Maps. This feature was added to the app in a recent update. With the addition of this feature, you can now dictate to the app the location you want to go to, and it’ll provide you with a route to that. By just telling the app your location, you’ll now get a route in that direction.

Although some speech features were already available on the app, this latest feature is a user-friendly addition. As the previous one wasn’t providing much convenience. But with the addition of this feature to the app, this feature will now provide a convenient approach for users. For unknown reasons, this feature was unavailable on the app for a couple of years. But with this latest update, users can instruct the app about their location, and the app will provide a route to your destination.

Google Maps are now easily accessible through speech recognition feature

The Google Maps app has received an upgrade that includes voice recognition and assistant features. With this, users may converse with the app and receive sensible and correct responses to their inquiries. Given that Maps is a navigation program, all discussions should center around finding your way around.

Before activating this function, there is no new Maps app update that you need to install. Users can access the voice command features by clicking the microphone icon, which is located on the search bar. By tapping on the microphone icon, users can open a setup screen where they can enable this function and grant the Maps app permission to utilize their device’s microphone.

Users can begin instructing the Maps app exactly where they want to travel after it has been set up. The user may see the text that is being created as they speak and correct any typos. Drivers in need of instructions will find this function useful because it eliminates the need for them to stop and put in their destination.

Users can now tell the Maps app exactly where they want to travel by tapping the mic symbol on the search bar. This Assistant speech capability will be used by millions of Google Maps users across the world when looking for instructions. Visit the Google Maps app on your smartphone to try out this new feature.