Google adding shortcut for downloads, handwriting API and more in Chrome 99 beta tests

Chrome 99 has been released by Google on the beta channel. This release includes several improvements and enhancements such as a new download workflow, handwriting recognition API, and changes to how ad blocking works. It can be a little difficult to access your downloaded files or ongoing downloads on the Chrome desktop. The downloads tab is hidden under the overflow menu. Chrome 99 beta is testing. This test uses Android Police to provide a shortcut to downloads in the toolbar at the top right corner. This shortcut was first discovered in Chrome 99 Canary, in December. It is very similar to the shortcuts in Microsoft Edge.

When you download something, the download icon changes to blue and may have a ring in the future. It then turns back to gray after the item is downloaded. The downloads shortcut is not available by default. We aren’t sure when it will be available for the stable release. Chrome 99 beta now supports handwriting recognition API. This API has been in beta since Chrome 91. Developers will be able to create note-taking and drawing apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms using the API without needing to integrate with third-party services.

An API to allow web applications to use advanced handwriting recognition services, such as. for web applications to make use of advanced handwriting recognition services (e.g.,. Handwriting drawing is the temporal and spatial information that describes a human handwriting process.

Chrome 99 beta also includes changes regarding adblocking. Google has removed the ability for new ad-blocking extensions to use Manifest V2 starting with Chrome 99. New ad blockers now must use Manifest V3, which many believe will make ad blockers less efficient and harmful innovations. Manifest V2 will still be available to exist extensions until next year. Web apps now have the ability to specify a different background and theme color for dark mode via the colour_scheme_dark. This will allow browsers to programmatically open a date picker. Chrome 99 beta is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. The stable release will follow soon.