Good news for the ones who are waiting for the second round of balloting, the ministry of religious affairs has decided to go on with the balloting of the remaining ten percent of Hajj quota for the year 2018.

As per sources in the second round of balloting to complete the allotted sixty percent quota under the government Hajj scheme this year, four thousand five hundred (4,500) lucky people would be selected. As per the Hajj policy, the people above eighty years of age and the ones who have been applying continuously since last three years would be selected without even balloting.

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This year around five thousand two hundred applications (5,200) were received of the individuals above eighty years of age. With every applicant above eighty years of age, a family member would be permitted to travel as an attendant.

Similarly, the count of the applications submitted by the individuals who have been trying continuously in the last three years and have not yet been successful is twelve thousand six hundred and twenty-three (12,623). Out of these 12,623, ten thousand individuals would be selected without balloting while the remaining quota of four thousand five hundred would be selected via balloting.

For the private hajj scheme, two thousand (2,000) new companies have enrolled for the private hajj quota, out of which one thousand two hundred and thirty-two (1,232) have been declared eligible while the remaining seven hundred and fifty-one (751) have been declared ineligible under the lights of their audit reports.

Forty-four firms out of the old registered seven hundred and seventy companies have also been declared ineligible.

As per sources, the ineligible companies both old and new have been given a time frame of fifteen days to submit their claims along with the remaining documents.

This year eighty lac hajj pilgrims would be travelling from Pakistan to perform Hajj.

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