Gold Reserves Found In Hyderabad Rangers Take Control Authorities Denied


KARACHI: The Sindh Mines and Minerals Department has taken notice of the news of gold being leaked from Tukker Ganjo area of ​​Hyderabad city of Sindh on social media. At the request of the department, Pakistan Rangers took control of the respective areas.

According to Local News, Assistant Director Mines and Minerals Department Imran Haider Memon said that rumors were circulating that gold was being mined near Panhoor village. He was taken into custody and sent for laboratory research.

The assistant director said that according to the report of the laboratory, the gold-like material was mineral pyrite. No gold was found during the search from the said places in Ganju Tucker. There is no truth in the news of gold extraction. Local residents have also denied discovering gold at the site.

Meanwhile, the Department of Minerals and Mineral Resources sent the report regarding the discovery of gold in Ganju Tucker.

A preliminary report has been sent in this regard. The Assistant Director Minerals, Hyderabad has written a letter to the Secretary, Department of Minerals, saying that the stones found at Ganju Tucker Hyderabad are not gold deposits. According to the preliminary report of the Minerals Department, a team of the department conducted a survey in Ganju Tucker. Locals were also spoken to. They also talked about gold deposits in the nearby village of Panhoor. No gold was found there, however, the stone found in the village is known to be a magnet metal.

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