Gold Import Declined During First 4 Months of FY21

During the first four months of FY21, Pakistan has witnessed a dip of around 58% in the import of gold. The import value recorded at $2.341M.

During the first four months of FY21, Pakistan imported less gold than that of the quarter of FY20. There has been a dip of around 58.54% this year.

The import of the asset during July-October (2020-21) was recorded at $2.341 million against that of $5.647 million during July-October (2019-20). These records have been shared by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The shrunk, in terms of the quantity, was 72.34%. Previously, the import was 141kgs while this year, so far, the import is just 39kgs.

It was also mentioned, that the year-on-year decline was 0.31% in October 2020 as compared to that of October 2019.

However, on a month-on-month basis, the gold imports observed a 21.69% increase as compared to that of September 2020.

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