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Gohar Rasheed Requests to Invite Jemima for Imran Khan’s Oath Taking Ceremony

Gohar Rasheed requests

Gohar Rasheed requests foreign ministry to invite Jemima Goldsmith for Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony.

Imran Khan—the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is all set to take the Prime Minister office after the successful results of general elections 2018. This victory is a result of his twenty-two years of political struggle. As his success in the elections, this year became obvious and was later announced, many people of Pakistan were seen rejoiced and happy at the occurrence. There were celebrations. Many came forward from Pakistani celebrities to Indian celebrities to congratulate Imran Khan on his well-deserved win.

Jemima Goldsmith—Imran Khan’s former wife who has been constantly backing and supporting him throughout his campaign, congratulated the ex-Pakistani cricketer in heart-warming tweets.

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Gohar Rasheed—a Pakistani much-loved celebrity star has recently started a poll asking to call Jemima Goldsmith in the oath-taking ceremony of Imran Khan as the new elected prime minister.

The Rangreza star took it to the social media platform—Twitter and posted that it is his request to the ministry of foreign affairs that kindly Ms Jemima Khan be invited in the oath-taking ceremony as an honourable guest. He further wrote that we all owe her many thanks for a lot of reasons. Inviting her on the occasion would be the best tribute to the lady who is indeed a sincere friend of Pakistan.

Twitter reacted to Gohar Rasheed’s suggestion and seemingly a lot of the platform users have very much the same opinion.

Previously, in a tweet, Jemima Goldsmith congratulated Imran Khan on his glorious success. She wrote that after twenty-two struggling years in which there were sacrifices, humiliations and many hurdles, however, Imran Khan is to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. She further wrote that the major challenge would be of remembering the actual reason that drove him to enter politics.

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